Social media is the most powerful tool for business

Social media is one of the most useful & powerful branding, marketing and advertising tools available for your business. To get massive success on social media, each & every post needs to have value to the audiences. This helps you to drive traffic on your website and increase leads generation.These tips can help to grow your brand on social sites, and increase your audience on social media sites. And in turn likely increase engagement and return on investment. In this post, I will be discussing how to build your social media audiences.

Why Facebook should be the most important part of every Business

There are more than 2 Billion connections between local business and people. 70% of monthly active Facebook users in the US are engaged and connected to a local business. In an average week, there are more than 645 Million views on local business Facebook pages and over 13 million comments on them.
Following these steps will help you increase your Facebook audience.
  • Like 5 pages
  • Comment on 2 pages a day
  • 2 post a day related to your brand
  • Always include a call to action (example: comment, like, share)
  • Add hashtags so your post appear on trending topics
  • Don’t forget to tag people and pages in your posts

Generate Potentials Leads on Twitter

The word twitter became much more than the chirping of birds! Twitter is considered as one of the primary medium to strengthen and endorse your businesses online.
  • 3 new Tweets a day (Can be business related, fun social/promotional, try to amplify your followers communities)
  • Add # tags so your posts appear on trending topics
  • 2 Re-Tweets a day
  • Follow 10 new people a day
  • Add comments with Re-Tweets

Building Your Audience Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn has long been the most business oriented social network. LinkedIn is considered the worlds largest audience of influential & affluent professionals at one place.
  • Connect with 3-5 new people a week
  • Follow 3 new companies a week
  • Request 1-2 new recommendation a week
  • Repost all blog post on newsfeed
  • Post a relevant industry news item on newsfeed with a Call To Action

Use Pinterest For Your Business

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a tool used to collect and organize the things that you love. It is a social networking site that you can use to get ideas for things like beauty, health and much more. Pinterest moves pretty fast, because people are constantly pinning and searching. If you want to do well on Pinterest you will want to get into the groove of daily pinning. The site is pretty addictive so getting into that groove can be easy.
  • Create a new Pin Board relevant to your business every week & tweet about it
  • Allocate 15-20 minutes a day to add to your existing boards
  • Encouraged followers to Pin to your boards
  • Follow 3-5 new Pinners a weeks
  • Always use appropriate keywords and hashtags in your pins, boards, and descriptions.

Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

The most important ways to boost your business with Instagram is by posting daily. Too often, businesses sign up for an Instagram account but don’t post regularly. It is also important to find a balance between fun images and business images. For instance, if you are a clothing boutique, post pictures of all your new items that you have received, but at the same time, include pictures of your pets, family, kids, funny quotes, just anything to make your followers know that you have a fun life outside of work. This will make them look forward to your daily posts.
  • Post 1 photo per day
  • Use appropriate has tags in your description
  • Follow 10 new people a day
  • Comment on 5 follower post on a day
  • Tag the location of your photo when applicable
  • Try to use these images or all platforms. Link back to the community whenever possible

Blog Outreach to increase your business connectivity

Using a blog for your business website can be a great way to connect with customer and strengthen your brand.
  • Write 1 blog post a day
  • Reach out to community bloggers & comments on 2-3 blogs per day
  • Look for 1 new blog a day to bookmark & follow
  • Reposts all blog content on applicable social platforms  (Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus/LinkedIn)
  • Connect with new blogs on their other social platforms

Advantages of Using Google Plus for Your Bbusiness

The main reason to have a Google Plus account is being visible to your customers. If you do not have this, you cannot expect to see a rise in profits or as much customer loyalty as you were hoping. When people can find you, speak to you, learn of important information, and see you at all times, they are more likely to continue business with you.
  • Add 5 new people to your cycles per day
  • Share new and relatable content to your business 2x a day
  • Offer & host a Google Plus hangout session for an industry related to 1x week
  • Make sure your posts are set to your post used # tags and categories followed if possible
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