Tips & Tricks to get fast approval from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is no.1 contextual ad network and the first love in the life of a blogger. Now the question is how to get approval from Google Adsense? and the answer is that you have to work hard on your blog to get fast approval. When you get Adsense approval then you can make money easily from your blog.

But Google has become very choosy to approve websites to give value to their advertisers. They have strict policies and many bloggers lose hope if their request gets rejected. But believe me, you need not worry, as you can apply again if your request gets rejected. Today I will discuss Fastest and easiest ways to get Google Adsense approval. so you can monetize your blog with Adsense.


Before you apply for Google Adsense, first read their policies and guidelines and make sure that your blog fulfills their guidelines. here I mention all tips which will help you to get approval faster.

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How To Get Fast Approval from Google Adsense
Make 100 Dollars A Day With Google Adsense

Blog Domain Age

Domain age is also a guideline set by Google for few Asian countries like China and India. They require that a blog or website must be at least 6 months old. But this is not a strict rule, if you have a quality blog, then you can get approval faster.

Quality Content

You may have seen this quote much time that "Content is the King". Actually quality content is the king. You can't get approval without valuable content on your site. Google give more priority to good quality content, to provide good user experience. Your blog also should have a good content on your site and all content should be of good quality which adds value to the reader. Make sure you have more than 30 quality and unique posts on your blog to get approval.

Focus on write lengthy articles approx 300 to 500 words minimum, as lengthy articles usually content all related information to the particular topic. Your blog should have a good combination of quality and quantity.

User Friendly

Google Adsense likes websites with user-friendly design and which loads faster. So make sure that your blog has a good design with easy navigation and professional look. Create a sitemap of your blog and submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.

Top Level Domain (TLD)

If you are using a free domain like or, then you will not get Adsense approval. Adsense only accepting information from Top Level Domains like

Privacy and Contact Info

Google want your blog to have a privacy policy and contact info page, which are must have a page for every site. This helps your readers to contact you and build trust.

Copyright Materials

Many newbie bloggers do this mistake, as they copy the content of someone else, post on their own blog and apply for Adsense. Adsense is very clever, it easily finds out this and will not approve your application.

Illegal Content

When you reader Google Adsense policies then you will know that they are strictly against the illegal content such as adult content, hacking, gambling, hacking, drug abuse or casino content. So avoid such content on your blog.

One Account Only

Google Adsense do not allow you to have more than one account. Never have more than one account else you will lose both accounts.

Age Restrictions

If you are below 18 years then you are not allowed to apply for Adsense, in such case you can apply Adsense account with your parent's information.

Language support

Checklist of languages Google approves and make sure your blog should not be in such language which is not on their list.

Blog ownership

Google Adsense want to verify your ownership. So before applying to Google Adsense, first log in to and submit your site and verify ownership.

Other Ad networks

If you have so many ads on your blog, then chances are that Google Adsense not going to approve your application. Do not use any ad network which is not compatible with Google Adsense.

Check all these tips and make sure that you follow Adsense guidelines.  These are the most important 12 tips and tricks to get Google Adsense approval fast and easily. if you have any questions, feel free to ask me via comments.

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  1. Thank you Vijay, it is very helpful post for newbies. Google adsense is profitable program, if you have some loyal visitors which truly depends on contents.

    1. Thanks you Vikram for reading my blog,

      It's true. but, If you post a good content, then Visitors come back again and again.

      That's All Depends on content.